Tuesday, November 25, 2008

On May 12, 1980 at 6:00 PM a brilliant blue disc hovered at a low altitude for ten minutes over Bulawayo. It shot straight up, stopped, then shot up again and was gone. (Source: Cynthia Hind, UFO Afri News, July 1990). I have not been able to establish if this was seen in other parts of the country. Please let me know if you saw this disk

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I came across this very interesting link this morning refering to a sighting in 1974 in the Ft Victoria Area

I wonder if anyone else witnessed this object? I have not heard of any other sighting at that time.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ariel School UFO Sighting Video

Editor Randy Nickerson has worked on both sides of the camera, as an actor and a filmmaker. He has a keen interest in the human condition and trauma recovery. His most recent work includes a film, titled "A Silence in the Heard", about the significance of listening and silence on an interpersonal and global level. Randy is a graduate of the Institute of Core Energetics, an evolutionary body therapy training that integrates all aspects of humanity - the emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual. He is currently a faculty member at the institute and has a private practice in New York City. Randy is also a classical pianist and nature photographer.

In 1994, Harvard Professor of Psychiatry John E. Mack, M.D. traveled to Zimbabwe with research associate Dominique Callimanopulos to study one of the most extraordinary sightings of a UFO in recent times. At the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, sixty-two children between the ages of eight and twelve reported seeing a UFO and “strange beings” during morning recess. In 2007, on behalf of the John E. Mack Institute, Dominique Callimanopulos will undertake production of a non-commercial, edited video program presenting John Mack’s interviews with the schoolchildren and faculty. These interviews constitute one of the most impressive UFO sighting and alien encounter cases in recent history, and serve as an exemplary demonstration of the interviewing skills and sensitivity John Mack exercised when working with people reporting extraordinary experiences.The goal of producing this video program is to preserve the historical record of this compelling case in a format that can be accessible to students and educators.The program is being made from original Betacam footage that was shot between November 28 and December 6, 1994. The John Mack Institute is seeking donations to produce the full length program. We welcome your contribution to this unique and historic project. A preview reel has been prepared by Dominique Callimanopulos and editor Randall Nickerson for viewing by prospective funders.
For more information, please contact:Dominique Callimanopulosdomcall@att.net
Dominique Callimanopulos, M.Ed.,
Producer Dominique Callimanopulos collaborated with John Mack from 1993-1998, exploring the cross-cultural aspects of alien encounters. An anthropologist by training, Dominique has also worked as a counseling psychologist and currently devotes her time to projects with positive social impact through her company, Elevate, Inc.

Tokolosh and UFO's - is there a connection?

I found this mention on http://www.vanhunks.com/tokolosh1.html and thought it was relevant. A very interesting theory

"On September 16th, 1994, three flying saucers were seen hovering over Ariel School, in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe, UFOs are so common that local people have an indigenous word for the flying saucer, "ruserwa". One of the spacecraft landed, and a small being with long black hair and large eyes emerged. The being certainly satisfied many descriptions of the tokoloshe, and some pupils took it to be one, and fled for their lives.

Perhaps tokoloshis do have an extraterrestrial origin. Some of the children felt that the alien was telepathic. The incident was investigated by the Zimbabwean ufologist Cynthia Hind, and by the abduction expert Dr. John Mack. "
As a note of interest the following story i was told is relevent to this article. The person concerned was not the kind of person to believe in ghosts or ufos or tokolosh and yet he was convinced this was a being not of our world:

At about the time of the Ariel school sighting a young friend of ours claimed to have seen what he thought was a tokolosh.

He lived in a house on the northern outskirts of Harare. next to the property was an empty plot that had running water at the lowest part of the land.

He had been walking in the plot when he came across a small creature with bulging eyes which appeared to be startled at being found. The creature gave chase to our friend who fled the plot as quickly as he could. Could this have been an alien being? He never went back to try and see the creature again.

1985 Ufo Sighting

I don't know the exact source of this article but the story has been documented a number of times.

Zimbabwe UFO

Back in 1985, a round object topped with a cone was seen by dozens of peopleover the skies of Zimbabwe. With pilots, air traffic controllers, andcivilians among the witnesses, that country turned to aeronautical expertsfor an explanation. Now, a year and a half later, Zimbabwe's Air Commodore David Thorne sees no explanation in sight. "We have not been able to identify the object," he says. "We have had to classify it as a UFO."Although he didn't personally witness the object, Thorne reports that "thecraft was spotted as it streaked over southern Zimbabwe. Then air traffic controllers watched it hover and tracked it on radar. 2 Air Force jets went after the object, and the pilots described it as incredibly shiny, reflectingthe colors of the sunset. Our estimates indicate that the UFO was traveling at twice the speed of sound. And when it got dark outside, we realized the object was emitting its own light. Our pilots are completely reliable,"Thorne contends. "This cannot be dismissed as a plane, weather balloon, or natural phenomenon."But UFO skeptic James Oberg has his doubts. "The evidential value of unresearchable sightings in Zimbabwe is zero, however sincere the witnesses,"he says. "Besides, pilots are not always calm, dispassionate observers. They tend to perceive any visual stimulus in its most dangerous possible configuration -- as another craft. That's a good characteristic of a safe pilot, but not a good characteristic of a UFO witness." Oberg also points out that "Zimbabwe is sort of on the edge of the civilized world in terms of tracking things that might cause this kind of UFO report -- like Russian and South African reconnaissance planes that, I'm sure, are flying over that airspace."
(The Times, London, August 3, ) On July 22, 1985, in western Zimbabwe, a UFO was witnessed by dozens of persons on the ground and in the control tower at Bulawayo Airport, as well as by the pilots of two Hawk jets that were scrambled to pursue it. The UFO was also tracked on radar. The UFO was very bright and rounded, with a short cone above it, and evaded the Hawk jets.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

UFO sighting in Zimbabwe

I was interviewed for this documentary and think that it will be a very interesting film giving a very balanced view of the sighting. O H L

UFO sighting in Zimbabwe
26 August 2008, 09:14

By Tom Powell

American film-maker Randall Nickerson is in Cape Town this week seeking inspiration for a documentary he is putting together about a UFO sighting in Zimbabwe in 1994.During morning break on September 14 of that year, 62 schoolchildren between the ages of eight and 12 saw a strange craft land 150 metres from the Ariel School in Ruwa, from which two small beings emerged which were described as having "big eyes like rugby balls".The children's individual descriptions of the phenomenon were so similar that news of the sighting spread around the globe. Nickerson was approached with footage taken by the late Pulitzer Prize-winning Professor John Mack, who travelled to Zimbabwe to interview the children after the event.

Nickerson said: "This is a story the world needs to see. Personally, I think it's moving. I've found hundreds, if not thousands, of people who believe it and couldn't find anyone who didn't. It blew my mind when I saw it." Although Nickerson admits the footage of the event makes it difficult to disprove the phenomenon, he doesn't want his film to be biased. "I don't want to steer the documentary in any direction at all. I'd rather present all the evidence and let people make up their own minds."Refusing to believe so many people can be mistaken, Nickerson is visiting southern Africa to shed light on those events.Having visited the school itself, Nickerson is now in Cape Town to track down some witnesses and investigate some "unearthly" sightings that occurred in South Africa, including two UFO sightings in Port Shepstone and Johannesburg in April. Anyone who saw the event in Zimbabwe can contact Nickerson on 082 815 4731 or by e-mail at rsnick@gmail.comtom.powell@inl.co.za
This article was originally published on page 4 of The Cape Times on August 26, 2008